AAHS Band In the News

AAHS Band In the News

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04/18/2018 Colorado Springs Arts Supporters, teachers recognized at Luncheon

“Distinguished Performing Arts Teacher: Stoney Black, band director, Air Academy High School, District 20”

Mulson, Jen. “Colorado Springs Arts Supporters, Teachers Recognized at Luncheon.”Colorado Springs Gazette, 18 Apr. 2018, gazette.com/colorado-springs-arts-supporters-teachers-recognized-at-luncheon/article/1624572.

04/18/2018 Gazette’s Best and Brightest Class of 2018 (Drum Major Carmen Langum)

“Band is where I feel I’ve had the most impact, though,” she adds. Langum is the drum major for the AAHS award-winning marching band, which represented AAHS and Colorado Springs in the 2018 Rose Parade. She plays the flute and considers music one of her passions. She knows she won’t participate in the Texas A&M marching band, but says she will look for another opportunity while there because “I love playing the flute. I love music.”

Intemann, Robin. “Best and Brightest: Constant Change Leads to Service and Versatility.”ColoradoSprings.com, Gazette, 18 Apr. 2018, 2:08pm, coloradosprings.com/best-and-brightest-constant-change-leads-to-service-and-versatility/article/1624564.

01/17/2018 Woodmen Edition Article


That moment was more than a year in the making after the band, which actually applied in January 2016, learned of its acceptance nine months later as one of only 20 bands to march in the event. The Kadets would need the 14 months to properly prepare for the 5.5-mile route for the parade, not to mention the staggering $450,000 that would have to be raised to get the 192 band members there.


“The practice paid off,”  [drum major]Langum said. “It was a huge undertaking to learn marching in formation and the parade songs, on top of our regular marching routine. It’s so much different to get ready for a parade. When you’re turning, you turn as a line and not as an individual, moving as a cohesive unit.”

Carmody, Kevin. “Air Academy’s Marching Band Recalls Fond Memories of 129th Rose Parade.” Digital Publishing Software, Woodmen Edition, 17 Jan. 2018,  http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODN/WoodmenEdition/shared/ShowArticle.aspx?doc=CSWE%2F2018%2F01%2F17&entity=Ar01103&sk=D6664066&mode=text



01/01/2018 KTLA 5 Rose Parade Coverage video

5, KTLA. “Watch the Replay: 129th Rose Parade Presented by Honda.” KTLA, 1 Jan. 2018, ktla.com/2018/01/01/watch-the-129th-rose-parade-presented-by-honda/.

12/29/2017 Pasadena Star News Photo Gallery

report, Staff. “Bandfest Gives Rose Parade Bands Chance to Show off Their Showstoppers before Monday’s Big March.” Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Star News, 30 Dec. 2017, www.pasadenastarnews.com/2017/12/29/bandfest-gives-rose-parade-bands-chance-.

12/26/2017 Krdo.com

photo gallery:

“Air Academy High School Band Members Load up for Rose Parade.” KRDO, KRDO, 26 Dec. 2017, www.krdo.com/news/air-academy-high-school-band-members-load-up-for-rose-parade/677851188.

12/21/2017 Gazette.com

Article by Debbie Kelley http://gazette.com/air-academy-high-marching-bands-200-students-prepare-to-perform-in-the-rose-parade/article/1617672


“We know this is a huge national stage,” said Paige Langum, a senior who played flute for the first three years of her band career and now marches as a drum major. “We’re excited to represent the school, our community and state.”

“Oh, yeah. We’re ready,” said 18-year-old Rita Nelson, a drum major who will graduate from Air Academy in May. “Everyone is so passionate and has spent so much time and effort.”

Kelley, Debbie. “Air Academy High Marching Band’s 200 Students Prepare to Perform in the Rose Parade.” Colorado Springs Gazette, The Gazette, 21 Dec. 2017, 16:27:00, gazette.com/air-academy-high-marching-bands-200-students-prepare-to-perform-in-the-rose-parade/article/1617672.

12/20/2017 The Pasadena Star News “Rose Parade 2018 lineup: Here’s your complete guide to every float, marching band and equestrian group, in order”


67. Air Academy High School Marching Band: Air Academy Band is an award-winning Colorado Springs District 20 Public High School band program established in 1957 with only 20 members. Now the band has approximately 196 members. In a single marching season, the band rehearses for over 250 hours. An award-winning and highly respected program, AAHS students are welcome to join each year without auditioning, regardless of previous musical experience.

Star-News, The Pasadena. “Rose Parade 2018 Lineup: Here’s Your Complete Guide to Every Float, Marching Band and Equestrian Group, in Order.” Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Star News, 27 Dec. 2017, www.pasadenastarnews.com/2017/12/20/rose-parade-2018-heres-your-complete-guide-to-every-float-marching-band-and-equestrian-group-in-order/.

11/5/2017 Gazette Photo Gallery

Highlights from the parade in downtown Colorado Springs Nov. 4, 2017. Photos by Christian Murdock

See the gallery at: http://gazette.com/gallery/6795/pictures/1600018?display=flexFullscreen

11/2/2017 Academy District 20 “communicator”

link; https://d20communicator.org/2017/11/02/air-academy-marching-band-wins-state-and-celebrates-with-pep-rally/

“Air Academy Marching Band Wins State.” ECommunicator Academy District 20, 2 Nov. 2017, d20communicator.org/2017/11/02/air-academy-marching-band-wins-state-and-celebrates-with-pep-rally/.

Air Academy Marching Band Wins State

11/2/2017 Academy District 20 Facebook Page

“Academy District 20.” Air Academy High School Held a Pep Rally… – Academy District 20, 2 Nov. 2017, www.facebook.com/academydistrict20/videos/2013107435593573/?hc_ref=ARSY_BfZh4Gv2Sf8rNkaOzUYlnfy4-dELns8rNXLgkqEdsXPavHWAKyZePw4rAoe9Fk.

Air Academy Marching Band Championship Pep Rally

Air Academy High School held a pep rally for its 4A State Championship Marching Band on November 1, 2017. The Kadets beat out several good programs for its 12th overall state marching band title. Up next for the program is the Parade of Roses on New Years Day!

Posted by Academy District 20 on Thursday, November 2, 2017

10/30/2017 GAZETTE “Two Colorado Springs Schools Win state marching band titles”


Air Academy High School reclaimed its 4A marching band championship title at this year’s Colorado Bandmasters Association finals competition, held Saturday at the Air Force Academy.


Kelley, Debbie. “Two Colorado Springs Schools Win State Marching Band Titles.” Colorado Springs Gazette, 30 Oct. 2017, gazette.com/two-colorado-springs-schools-win-state-marching-band-titles/article/1614267.

09/01/2017 KRDO NewsChannel 13 segment “Friday Night Blitz: Band of the Week” -Video Link

Broadcast Date: 9/1/2017 10:15pm KRDO NewsChannel 13, Colorado Springs, CO

Link: http://www.krdo.com/news/friday-night-blitz-band-of-the-week/615726746

Citation: “Friday Night Blitz Band of the Week.” KRDO, KRDO, 2 Sept. 2017, www.krdo.com/news/friday-night-blitz-band-of-the-week/615726746.

08/31/2017 Pueblo Community College Broadcast of the 2017 Colorado State Fair Parade on Youtube

(AAHS Band segment at 1:44) Event date: August 26, 2017 Publication date: August 31, 2017

Citation: PCCEnroll, director. 2017 Colorado State Fair Parade. YouTube, 31 Aug. 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnWkA8iUtfU&feature=youtu.be&t=1h43m53s.


08/23/2017 FOX21NEWS.com Post  “Air Academy Band to be Presented with Special Banner from Tournament of Roses President”

Article link: http://fox21news.com/2017/08/23/air-academy-band-to-be-presented-with-special-banner-from-tournament-of-roses-president/

Citation: Asperin, Alexa Mae. “Air Academy Band to Be Presented with Special Banner from Tournament of Roses President.” FOX21News.Com, FOX21News.Com, 23 Aug. 2017, fox21news.com/2017/08/23/air-academy-band-to-be-presented-with-special-banner-from-tournament-of-roses-president/.

06/02/2017 FOX 21 News Broadcast Video “Air Academy Band set to perform on national stage at 129th Rose Parade”

Video Link: http://fox21news.com/2017/06/02/local-marching-band-set-to-perform-on-national-stage/

Citation: Egbert, Josh. “Air Academy Band Set to Perform on National Stage at 129th Rose Parade.”FOX21News.Com, FOX21News.Com, 3 June 2017, fox21news.com/2017/06/02/local-marching-band-set-to-perform-on-national-stage/.

01/11/2017 Woodmen Edition article “Coming up Roses: AAHS band selected to repeat Parade Performance:

Article Link: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/APA/TheGazette/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=THEGAZETTE%2F2017%2F01%2F11&id=Ar04905&sk=6D72823B&viewMode=text

Citation: Eden, Elizabeth. “Coming Up Roses:AAHS Band Selected to Repeat Parade Performance.”Digital.olivesoftware.com, Woodmen Edition, 11 Jan. 2017, digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODN/WoodmenEdition/default.aspx.

01/14/2017 Coloradosprings.com article “Air Academy High Band seeking donations for trip to 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade”

Article Link: http://coloradosprings.com/air-academy-high-band-seeking-donations-for-trip-to-2018-tournament-of-roses-parade/article/1594377

Citation: Kelley, Debbie. “Air Academy High Band Seeking Donations for Trip to 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade.” ColoradoSprings.com, 14 Jan. 2017, 05:31pm, coloradosprings.com/air-academy-high-band-seeking-donations-for-trip-to-2018-tournament-of-roses-parade/article/1594377.

11/05/2016 Springs Moms Blog “Colorado Springs Wins Big at State Marching Band Championships”

link: https://coloradosprings.citymomsblog.com/mom/colorado-springs-wins-big-state-marching-band-championships/


But the true beauty of the day was about to unfold before us.  The Air Academy kids could have been angry, frustrated, felt robbed of an expected victory. They could have pouted and stomped off the field. They had been lined up for the win, the 7th in a row. It would have been understandable.

What unfolded before our eyes instead was a celebration by BOTH bands. There were heartfelt congratulations and teary hugs. There were cheers and wide grins, on the part of BOTH bands. Within moments of the official announcement (Liberty beat Air Academy by 0.05 points! And in doing so set a state record for the highest finals score, 90.30), there was a huge sea of white plumes on the field. One white plume, two band uniforms. Moments later, THREE uniforms under that sea of white plumes, as Rampart Marching Band tunneled through the band from Loveland to congratulate their district rival. You can study the photo, but it’s hard to make out the individual uniforms within the party on that football field.

Air Academy, you showed everyone what class and graciousness looks like. Wear your medals with pride. You worked hard for them, and earned them in an incredible fashion. But you’ve won our hearts for how you handled not taking the top prize, our hearts and our respect in a whole new way.

Citation: Kristin. “Colorado Springs Wins Big at State Marching Band Championships.” Colorado Springs Moms Blog, 9 Dec. 2016, coloradosprings.citymomsblog.com/mom/colorado-springs-wins-big-state-marching-band-championships/.

11/01/2016 Gazette “Liberty Edges Air Academy for State 4A Marching Band Championship”


“As soon as the bands were dismissed at finals, Liberty and Air Academy (band members) were hugging and congratulating each other,'”said Genice Matzke, director of bands at Liberty High School. “It was super cool.'”


Some might think that Liberty and Air Academy have a rivalry similar to that of the Broncos and the Raiders.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,’ [Liberty parent Judith] Dene said. “When Air Academy found that Liberty won this year, they turned to our kids, embraced them and celebrated together with the best sportsmanship I’ve ever witnessed.'”

Citation: Kelley, Debbie. “Liberty Edges Air Academy for State 4A Marching Band Championship.” The Gazette, Gazette, 1 Nov. 2016, gazette.com/liberty-edges-air-academy-for-state-4a-marching-band-championship/article/1589179.

10/31/2016 KOAA NEWS 5 Broadcast Video “Air Academy High School Marching Band to March in 2018 Rose Parade”

Video Link: http://www.koaa.com/story/33533859/air-academy-high-school-marching-band-to-march-in-2018-rose-bowl-parade

Citation: “Air Academy High School Marching Band to March in 2018 Rose Parade.” Home – KOAA.com, KOAA.com, 31 Oct. 2016, www.koaa.com/story/33533859/air-academy-high-school-marching-band-to-march-in-2018-rose-bowl-parade.

10/16/2016 Woodmen Edition “Air Academy Band:School’s Marching band takes first place at Legacy’s Marching Festival”

Article link: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/APA/TheGazette/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=THEGAZETTE%2F2016%2F10%2F12&id=Ar04908&sk=F8683CD0&viewMode=text


In order to fill a roll as a section leader or drum major in the band, students must undergo an application process involving written essays, interviews before a committee and a service project to benefit the band in some way. “The section leaders in the band play a huge role in mentoring their sections, helping the band members with everything from proper technique to learning their music and routines,” said senior drum major Kate Gready.

Citation: Eden, Elizabeth. “AIR ACADEMY BAND School’s Marching Band Takes First Place at Legacy Marching Festival.” Digital.olivesoftware.com, Woodmen Edition, 12 Oct. 2016, digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODN/WoodmenEdition/default.aspx.