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How to shop for scrip/links:

Once you’ve signed up, shop here:

For ELECTRONIC certificates or RELOADS:

• SHOP at this link:

• After ordering, “Check Out.” You’ll receive your ScripNow immediately via your Dashboard.

See also: Family_Ordering_Guide PDF

• is HIGHLY recommended for use on your mobile devices

*we do NOT accept checks or cash for scrip purchases*

2 options to pay!
1. use PrestoPay to purchase scrip!  (how to sign up? see THIS PAGE:   )
2.  Use a  credit card (*fee applicable)—see this page for details:

*new 2/2021* To order plastic (physical) cards, order only using the RaiseRight app. The cards will then be shipped directly to your home (*50 cent charge per card applies*)  Find the RaiseRight app on the ShopWithScrip website, Apple Store, or Google Play