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How to sign up for RaiseRight:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Kadet Krew enrollment code: D3F2B79F14429.
  3. Click on “Join A Program”
  4. Then follow the instructions to establish your account.
  5. For student name, use the student’s name you are sponsoring. (It’s very important that a student’s name is listed in your profile – do not leave it blank.)
  6. For classroom/group, use “Kadet Krew / AAHS Band”
  7. Important! Once your account is established, you will need to enter a credit card or link a bank account to fund your RaiseRight account. We are no longer handling checks.
  8. Once you’re signed up, “Check Out.” You’ll have access to your account dashboard immediately; plastic cards can be delivered to your home (if you selected “ship to home”) or to the coordinator (available to pick up early the following month).


Additional information can be found HERE, or you can contact Susan Stevens, RaiseRight Coordinator –