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Posters/Chili Dinner/Senior Speeches Night

Poster/Chili Dinner/Senior Speeches Night

2020 date:  Thursday, Oct 22

This is different every school year, it’s a great time for band families and students to celebrate the season together!

This is all scheduled the week before State Competition

        • We have an evening POTLUCK dinner (chili)–for all band/guard families and students.
        • The end-of-the-year video is played
        • Then STUDENTS ONLY will go with directors so senior band/guard students can give their “farewell” speeches 

POSTERS:  parents/guardians make (or have made) posters with your student’s photos  and usually something about the show name. 

  • Some people get really artistic with this (lights, full size professional posters or you can be simple – just make one because kids are really bummed if they can’t find their poster.
      • Walgreens is a great option for those who are craft or time-challenged
Poster Night