Parent/Guardian DRIVERS–THANK YOU!


March-a-thon 2021 will take place on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th!

Drivers: MEETING/BRIEFING starts at 4pm Monday

LOCATION: Air Academy HS, Band room

STUDENTS: Plan to stay after school on Monday:

• Bring food for the late evening (pizza after school has been donated 🤩)
• Bring black socks, and either your marching shoes (if you have them) or black shoes ( remember you’ll be doing a LOT of walking!)
• Signup for which car you’ll travel in will be lead by section leaders on Monday. ***Freshmen and new students will be partnered with veteran band students***
• Students travel in GROUPS AT ALL TIMES for safety.
Chaperones will keep students safe! If there’s a storm, they’ll be instructed to keep students safe in cars…Mr. Gassiot and Ms. Born will provide them with information about what to do, and they’ll be able to reach Mr. Gassiot for any questions.


For those of you new to our program, March-a-thon is our largest whole-band fundraiser. Band members “march” through the neighborhoods that support AAHS, going door-to-door, asking for monetary donations to help the band. Neighborhoods really look forward to this event! (We do not go to neighborhoods where the HOAs do not allow door-to-door solicitations)

In 2018, in only FOUR HOURS, the band earned $23,000.00 in donations. In previous years, five figures has also been the norm. Most donations were given during the night of March-a-thon, with a substantial number also given through a donation link on leave-behind cards.

To replace this fundraiser, we’d have to take on at least 4 others, most involving multiple trips to deliver orders, etc.

History: Way back in the 2000s, the band, like so many other organizations, used to sell Coupon Books. Many people asked if they could just write the full amount to donate to the band instead of buying a thing they really didn’t want in the first place. And we also tried getting people to sponsor to pay for number of times/hours marching around the track—a “march-a-thon”—and spent a whole Saturday doing that—then had to return to collect sponsorship amounts. Not only did we lose a day of rehearsal, it was often hard to reach people a second time—and again, many people asked if they could just donate to the band instead.

How do the homeowners respond? Alumni, band alumni families, and all kinds of folks really truly enjoy seeing the kids out on March-a-thon evening. Some will bring out instruments to play the school song, sometimes the students get to demonstrate some of their marching skills. Parent-drivers report homeowners walking after them to make sure the kids are going to stop by their house,

What is the gain? This is our largest single-evening fundraising event. In just a few hours, donations often total over $10,000.

Where does the money go? The money goes to Kadet Krew, the 501(C)3 non-profit booster organization supporting the band—Kadet Krew money is used to pay for band expenses like meals, water, equipment, and travel expenses not covered by the school’s side of the band fees (For instance: feeding 188 students for a single meal costs nearly $2,000! Multiply that times competition days for this season!)


Date:   Monday, Sept. 13th

Time:  4 p.m. for drivers briefing in BAND ROOM. Students will be briefed after driver instructions have been delivered.

Cars begin departing for neighborhoods between 4:30 and 5. Groups will depart neighborhoods to return to AAHS no later than 8:30

Location: AAHS  

Hint:   It’s always helpful for drivers to have some bottled water and snacks in cars. Some drinks and snacks will be available at check-in.

** Our amazing Kadet Krew parents have secured donations to give out                 to the students able to earn the most donations for our program!**

What about rain?

In the case of rain, students will still wear their uniforms, but leave instruments (if they bring them) in the car.

***If there is lightning within 5 miles, students will get in their assigned car and wait 10 minutes until the last flash. If the lightning hits after 7:45pm, parent chaperones can use their best judgment but they should probably head in. Parent chaperones can call Mr. Gassiot any time with any questions if they are unsure.

Answers to Other FAQs:

– If they would like, drivers may bring some water and/or snacks for the students. ***Please do not bring snacks that contain nuts***
One of the driver’s kids will be assigned to the driver’s car. If drivers have more than one child, the youngest is assigned, unless otherwise requested.
-freshmen and new students will be partnered with “veteran” band members

For questions about March-a-thon:

Please contact our coordinator-    Geoff Gassiot at: