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The Air Academy Band program includes: Marching Band, Color Guard, Jazz Bands, Concert Bands, and Winterguard.*

The officially authorized media/public staff representative/spokespersons for the Air Academy Band Program (including scheduling, meetings, opinions/views, etc.) are as follows:

  • Air Academy Band Director, Joseph Musick
  • Assistant Director Vanessa Cheverez-Lyttle
  • Mr. Dan Olson, as Principal of Air Academy High School.

Mr. Musick can be contacted at:

Mrs. Lyttle can be contacted at:

Or call them via Air Academy High School:(719) 234-2400

Dan Olson, Air Academy High School ph# (719) 234-2400 or email.:

Additional individuals, like board members, may be temporarily appointed/assigned/authorized and supervised by Mr. Musick, and may be permitted to act on behalf of the Air Academy Band Program regarding publicity, etc.

Individuals claiming to act or speak on behalf of the Air Academy Band program must be verified as being authorized program representatives prior to any publicity—contact: Mr. Musick/Mrs. Lyttle PRIOR to broadcast/publication/postings.

To verify any individual’s claim to be an authorized Air Academy Band Program representative —CONTACT Mr. Musick or Mrs. Lyttle, and wait for acknowledgement (PRIOR to publication/broadcasting/posting, etc.)

Who can contact media on behalf of the Air Academy band program? Mr. Musick, Mrs. Lyttle, Mr. Olson

Joseph Musick (Director of AAHS Bands) and Vanessa Cheverez-Lyttle (Assistant Director), Dan Olson (Principal, Air Academy High School) and individuals (see above) Mr. Musick supervises & has verified/approved to assist in these matters are the only people authorized to contact media, provide publicity, opinions, or enter into scheduling agreements on behalf of Air Academy Band .

Mr. Dan Olson, principal of Air Academy High School, is the building-level administrator authorized to speak publicly about ALL matters relating to Air Academy High School. He can be reached at: Air Academy High School ph# (719) 234-2400 or email.:

For items or stories related to Air Academy High School, or Academy School District 20, please refer inquiries to the correct administrators/staff, listed on the following sites:

No unauthorized individuals may represent themselves or be represented or cited as speaking for Air Academy Band (including all of its programs), Air Academy High School, or ASD20.

*Air Academy Band (and all of the programs included) does not endorse, help or encourage adults in seeking personal contact information (emails, phone numbers, etc.) for students (who are not their children.) Air Academy Band does not give permission for adults (besides the directors and those background-cleared staff with clearance to have such information) to directly contact students (who are not their children.) If you wish to communicate with a student (who is not your child), do so through Mr. Musick or Mrs. Lyttle, or through students’ parents or legal guardians.