New to the AAHS Band Program? Guide and FAQs

New to the AAHS Band Program? Guide and FAQs

Welcome to the Award-Winning Air Academy Band Program!

Below you will find answers to the most commonly-asked questions from students and families! 🙂 This is the most recent update: 2/5/2020

Information will change, but we’ll do our best to keep this page up to date and add new items and links when they’re available!

Please also see Band Family RESOURCES for information about how to pay fees, sign up for scrip, and other band activity information.

***The PASSWORD for protected pages on the website changes every year in June. Please ask your student for the new password, or you may email Mr. Musick/Mrs. Lyttle to request it***

First steps for parents/guardians:

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“Kadet” = KAY-deht

(it’s not pronounced “kuh-DEHT” (cadet) which refers to USAFA students)

The Staff and Assistants

Have Questions? Going to miss a rehearsal? Email your director!

Director of AAHS Bands: Joseph Musick

Email Joe Musick

Assistant Band Director/ Director of AAHS Orchestra: Vanessa Cheverez Lyttle

Email Vanessa Lyttle

Additional Coaches and Directors:

D20 (in consultation with the Air Academy Band Director) hires a Color Guard/ Winter Guard Coach/Director.

Additionally, a number of part-time coaches/directors are hired by D20 to help prepare the marching band for competition.

ALL DIRECTORS AND COACHES are fully screened, completing background checks. Volunteers for the booster board, chaperones, and other key parent volunteers also complete background checks.

For more information about our directors, click the button below:


AAHS band program begins with mini-camp in JUNE, and busy, amazing SUMMERS!

Marching band and guard students start training as a group the moment the school year ends, by attending a 3-day mini-camp at AAHS. Work continues with weekly sectionals/rehearsals all summer long. (We do take a break midsummer.)

2020 MINI camp= Mon 6/1 and Tues 6/2 from 8am-5pm at AAHS

Yes, your family can travel during the summer! If students are in town, they are expected to attend summer sectionals! Students: going to miss a summer sectional? Email your director and your section leader!

2020 Summer Marching Band Sectional Dates:

Mondays- 3:00-5:30pm on 6/8/2020,  6/15/2020,  6/22/2020,  7/13/2020,  7/20/2020 

BAND CAMP is set for 2 weeks at the end of summer break (see dates below) , and is MANDATORY for all band/guard.

2020 BAND CAMP: Mon-Thu 7/27-7/30 AND Mon-Thu 8/3-8/6, from 8am-5pm

Learning the music and basic marching techniques lead up to band camp where the final drill (steps and movements on the field) for this year’s show get memorized. You’ll be amazed how quickly everyone progresses!

Then the competition season follows, and the school year begins…

To view information about each subject (in order from June through the end of marching season) click on the lines for dropdowns:

What do students think of marching band?

“[…]the friendships that I have made here and everything that I have worked toward to help build the success of this program has not only taught me to be a better musician, but a better friend, student, daughter, and leader. Being part of this marching band is a gift I will never be able to fully repay, and has given me a purpose in life greater than myself. This activity is something that I want to continue doing throughout my life and help other kids just like me in the future, achieve. “

-2017 AAHS Band Student

“The greatest thing about marching band is that no matter what section you’re a part of, you get constant encouragement from everyone in the band.”

-2017 AAHS Band Student 

“Marching band is amazing because not  only have I learned discipline and perseverance, but I have also met a new set of friends who are basically my siblings. These are the bonds that I treasure the most, because my bandmates are there for me on any day, good or bad , and we will do whatever it takes to help each other succeed.”

-2017 AAHS Marching Band Student

“The Air Academy HS Marching Band has helped me become more confident in myself and my abilities.”

-2016 AAHS band student

“I love band because it has given me great friends and confidence in myself. It is a great way to gain a good work ethic and work hard for an amazing end result.”

–2016 -AAHS band student

“Air Academy Marching Band has become home to me. I’m here because all of the best parts of high school come from being in this wonderful, unique band.”

-AAHS band student